Internship Opportunities
  • Learn about children and adults with developmental disabilities
  • Assist with personal care, leisure activities and in educational settings
  • Get to know families dealing with severe disabilities and
    discover there is more than one way to be a hero!
General Volunteer Opportunities
  • Create bulletin boards or decorate living areas
  • Help plant a garden of inspiration
  • Take a citizen for a nature walk
  • Come and share music or art skills
  • Put up Christmas decorations
  • Assist with special events
  • Create your own very special activity!
Church, Corporate & Group Opportunities
  • Group entertainment is wonderful!
  • Residents love singing, dancing, cheer exhibitions, and other group activities
  • Landscaping and fix-up projects are always very helpful and much needed
  • Crafts projects of all kinds. Quilters are needed to craft warming objects for our citizens that cannot warm their bodies
  • Read or engage in chit-chat and laughter
  • Barbers and hairstylists are a special treat to keep spruced up for family visits
  • Design your own group project to benefit our residents!

Please email us to let us know of your interest in volunteering. Click here.